How to Overcome Fear in public speaking

How to Overcome Fear in public speaking.

1. Realize the source.

The source of your fear is this: not knowing what will happen when you are in front of people, giving your speech or presentation. Your fear is not that you don't know your topic. It is that you don't know what will happen when you step to the podium or table. The fear of being judged, making a mistake, not measuring up, getting hurt either mentally or physically can get in the way of  good performance (speech, seminar, sales presentation, etc). Remember that people in the audience really want you you to succeed.  Nobody is standing there hoping you will be bored or bad. If you are coming from an authentic place, and you cover the material with clarity. You have won 3/4 of your inner battle with fear. 

2. Face Down Your Fears

If you feel your knees turning to jelly out of fear, remind yourself that fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real. Almost certainly, whatever it is that you are frightened of won't happen. If there is a real worry, for example you've forgotten an important prop, do something about it and then stop worrying. Remember, you always rationalize yourself out of fear.   

3. Breathe Deeply. 

Practicing a breathing exercise before you go on will relax your body and mind. Here's one that you can do anywhere, even in the wings. Stand still and feel the ground beneath your feet. Close your eyes and imagine yourself suspended from the ceiling by a thin thread. Just listen to your breathing and tell yourself there is no rush. Slow your breathing until yo can count to 6 seconds of in breathe and 6 seconds of out-breathe. You will now go on in a totally relaxed and confident mood. 

4. Recognize that people can't see your nervousness. 

When you're walking out onto the stage towards the podium, no one knows you're nervous. Your stomach could be in knots and you feel like you're going to be sick, but you aren't showing nervous behavior, Sometimes, with public speaking, you think that people may notice you're nervous. This makes you you even more nervous and they are so small, that the ordinary person wouldn't put more than 1 second into them. Don't worry so much. People don't see that extreme nervous beast inside you. Bluff. Stand tall, with shoulders back and chest out. Smile even though you don't feel happy or confident, do it anyway. You will look confident and your body will fool your brain into thinking it is confident 

5. Practice. 

Find business organizations, networks and clubs in your area ( Such as Toastmasters) that can afford you the opportunity to practice. Remember to choose topics that yo are already an expert on. Speaking on  topic that you are not familiar with will increase your stress, d impede on your performance. 

6. Buy some recording software.   

Buy some recording software and record everything on your laptop. Review it to see where you can improve. Have a speaking pros attend your live presentation to give you feedback. Allow yourself the opportunity to learn more every time yo go out. 

7. Prepare

Make sure you know the materials that you're going to cover. Make a detailed outline, and break it into basic points to memorize. Include subpoints and the title of speech


Smile and try to make some jokes to cover your nervousness. The audience will laugh  ( But in a good way, of course!) and think that you're really funny. Don't try to be humorous in Serious situations or an important meeting though, or you might get into trouble!
Remember, even the top professionals learn something new every single time they go out!
Remember, you don't look as nervous as you feel.Trust yourself. It gets easier. Practice is a good thing.Don't take anything personally. Be authentic. Trust yourself. 
Remember, its not about you, it's about them-your audience. You are not the star, they are.


Avoid  the over use of power point. Overuse of power point will put your audience sleep!
If you don't know the answers to a question ask the audience if anyone knows the answer to the question (You don't have to admit you don't know it. You just ask the audience).
Don't give a wrong or uninformed answers. Defer to a later time and ask ''is it okay if i will get back to you on that on the break. I want to make sure i cover the subject well, and get you the right answer''.
Avoid standing behind podiums, tables or any physical barrier between you and your audience). 


Optional materials for presentations:
Flip chart, flip Chart paper, markers, promotional materials, Microphone, music stand (to hold your notes), Lots of Water( drink a lots), and confidence that you will do great at your presentation.  
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