TREM Devotional 17 December 2020 – You Have Been Sealed By God


dr mike okonkwo

Topic: You Have Been Sealed By God [TREM Devotional 17 December 2020]

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“In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise.” Ephesians 1:13 (KJV)

You have been sealed by God. As, believers, it is very important that we become aware of the things that have been made available to us, so as to enable us stand boldly and withstand the vicissitudes of life and the challenges that are coming upon mankind. It is very important because if you don’t know what is available to you, you will not be able to access it. When you don’t know what has happened to you in salvation, you will become a cheap prey in the hands of the enemy.

The word ‘salvation, is a robust word that is much more than saving you from sin and saving you from hell. While we still live here on earth, that word is still applicable. It is applicable to the present time and the world to come. And so, if you are just looking at the life after and not applying it to the present day, you will be saved and still live a defeated life. You will be surprised how many who are saved and are still living a defeated life here on earth. By virtue of their salvation everything has been made available to them but they are ignorant. You shall know the truth and the truth you know shall set you free.

The word ‘Seal’ means the impression so obtained by the royal seal, the mark or symbol attached to a legal document. It also means to authenticate. It means anything that is tightly or closely closed. It means to secure a thing. It is the evidence of something. It is anything that serves as an assurance and a confirmation. It is something that serves as a testimony.

A seal gives a guaranty. A seal gives a certification. It is a signature in a document. A seal speaks of ownership. In other words, this belongs to me. Don’t counterfeit it! Don’t touch it, it belongs to me! Don’t mess with it! A seal shows something that you cannot revoke. When you receive Jesus as your lord and saviour, you were sealed with the holy spirit of promise. It is a seal of ownership. No devil can tamper with that seal. By implication, no devil is permitted to touch you. You have been sealed. In other words, no evil penetrates. What God has put in you cannot be taken over by the devil.

Further Reading: Ephesians 1:1-13

Daily Bible Reading: Morning- Amos 7-9; Evening- Revelation 8

Ambydennis Notice Board: Until you are born again, God ever abiding presence will never be with you. You must be born again to enjoy continuous victory. Please say the displayed prayer below in faith:

Lord Jesus, come into my life. I accept You as my Lord and Personal Saviour. I believe in my heart You died and rose from the dead to save me. Thank You Lord for saving me, in Jesus name Amen.

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