Building A Relationship That Works

Building A Relationship That Works


Everyone wants loves & respect, what more of people in a relationship. Respecting your partner involves many things, respecting his/her privacy, respecting her friends, respecting his/her opinion. No verbal insult, emotional insult and mental insult.
Respect her idea even if it is not perfect, correct Him/Her in a decent and respectful way.
No one wants to be taken foe granted, Do not disrespect Her because you are a man. It hurts so much when you get disrespected by the one yo love. Let try to respect one another for a good, healthy and successful relationship.


Ladies, most especially loves spending time with the ones they love, They just need your presence. Make time for one another, no one is busy if they really care about you, they will surely make time for yo. Do not make unnecessary excuses, even if you make one try to make it up. Don't punish Him/Her by not being around when you know your presence is needed. Your time will go a long way in that relationship. Make time for lunch, make time for movies, make time to share your ideas, make time to communicate, make time to talk when their is a disagreement, Make time to settle your differences, make time for one another.


Don't  Make them force you to to communicate with them, Don't make them chase after you, Tell them you miss them. Make them have that feeling of waking up and checking their phone for message from you. A person you would want to hear their jokes forever, because they love hearing you laugh, make them feel  connection they have with you is more than anyone else. Trust them Don't make them chase love, attention or affection, If it is not given not given freely another person, it isn't worth having. The worst feeling feeling in the world is to know you were used and lied to by someone you trusted. Nobody needs a perfect relationship but what we all need  is some one who can turn the world upside down to be with us and someone who would never give up on us. Make them feel proud you have them.  


Stay faithful to your partner. One of the major way to show you love someone is to be faithful and truthful, It does not mean you will not see someone better, But the ability to stick to your partner irrespective of anything.

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  1. Thanks for this input,it will do a lot in mending unstable relationship.

  2. Thanks for healing my wounded heart. This is so inspiring....


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